CNC Process Manager

Work order related tool & data processing

The Process Manager is an exclusive development of WinTool that manages CNC files, production resources & tools during the execution of a work order. It calculates tool load/unload lists for machines, checks item availability, sends setup data to presetting gauges and NC files to machines and so forth. The workflow can be highly automated and customized. This will make your shop tick like a Swiss clock!


  • Minimized tool and machine setup work
  • Elimination of holdups and meanders
  • Fully automated PRT localization and availability check



  • Load/unload calculation
  • Setup data distribution to point of usage (presetting)
  • CNC files distribution and backup
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CNC Lean Production

Lean Production & Lean Thinking with WinTool

It is NC File and Tool Data Management, Industry 4.0 and Lean Management all in one package. WinTool is a process-oriented software solution for CNC machines that enables you to get the most out of your available production resources and manpower. Eliminate waste and become a world leading CNC production workshop!

With the introduction of WinTool, process optimizations are accompanied by improvements in efficiency, productivity optimization and increased competitiveness.

With this we build on the fundamentals of lean production, and show how your processes, together with WinTool as a software kernel, are perfected in a sustainable way. Thinking about efficiency and productivity (Lean Thinking) we will bring to you from years of experience on many successful projects.

Our goal is to offer you a complete package, which not only represents comprehensive software as a tool for process optimization, but also helps you to optimally optimize the tangent workflows and process flows across all levels, departments and disciplines.

Lean, structured and, above all, stable processes, the shortest set-up times, and proven success in terms of efficiency and productivity from the order to the finished part - these are just a few benefits that WinTool can guarantee you.

WinTool Setup Planner

World Record in Setting Up Tools for a Job!

Exclusively, WinTool presents a world premier: the WinTool Setup Planner. With the Setup Planner, you are able to immediately locate any tool in your shop, whether it’s in the crib, on machine magazines, in storage racks, assembled or disassembled. The Setup Planner calculates the net list comparison for a job, finds all available rack tools that are ready or can easily be reconfigured, and checks stock availability and remaining tool life. Machines are setup with minimal effort and yield maximum production runtime!

The Task

  • Your production should tick like a Swiss watch! Machines should produce nonstop with minimal setup / down time
  • Production workflow should be integrated, lean, standardized, and resilient
  • ALL tools should be found, so you will use everything, you have!

Your Benefits

  • Eliminate costly machine setup work and get more available machine capacity
  • Find your tools and know if they are available or scheduled for other jobs
  • Robust work procedure according to plan and requirements / stay flexible!
Do you have questions about tool and data management with WinTool? Make an appointment with us!

MES Integration

Schedule operations smarter and avoid tool supply bottlenecks

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) improve production output by improving the production schedule. However, a schedule gets flawed if the availability of NC program version and production resources & tools are not transparent and visible.
In an unprecedented way, the WinTool MES Interface links your job planning system to the WinTool CNC operation data (CNC Archive Module) and provides information about availability of NC programs and production resources & tools. In addition, WinTool helps to optimize the usage of your tools by finding the best and fastest way to prepare your machines (Process Manager).
WinTool helps to eliminate non-value added work and waste during production, and provides you with more machining time for making parts!

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